• Deep Dive Into Our Beautiful North Sea

    → Role: Construction, Visual Design & Development

    → Take a look: inside

    → Photos: Jonas Hartz, Model: Daniel Meier

    As one of the highlights of the Bünde Biennale 2023, the installation, NC°, takes center stage as an interactive platform for design and art. Our installation showcases a comprehensive overview of wave height and wave direction data from the past 365 days in a mesmerizing way to capture the ever-shifting dynamics of the North Sea. To participate in this experience, visitors approach the installation, place their hands on the provided capacitive surface, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the North Sea.

    Our experience begins when visitors approach the installation. Initially, when idle, NC° does not display any content. However, as visitors place their hands on the capacitive areas, the intro animation starts. Inside, the visualization unfolds by strategically placed mirrors that create a mesmerizing effect, enhancing the sense of space and depth. Depending on your viewing angle, it reveals the illusion of near-infinite distances.

    NC installion full view NC installion detailed view NC installion close up NC visual from inside
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