• Smart Solution For The Retail Market

    → Role: R&D, Development

    → Company: Nerdindustries

    The RFID Wall is a prototype composed of multiple smart product shelves affixed to a large, custom-made LED wall and an RFID antenna. Each smart shelf is equipped with an RFID tag, creating a unit when combined with the product's RFID tag. When a customer removes an item from the shelf, the change in data is monitored by the antenna and interpreted by artificial intelligence. Consequently, the system can consistently identify which product is taken from or placed onto the shelf. Even actions such as relocating products to different shelves or swapping them are detected by the system.

    One significant motivation for using this technology is the widespread use of RFID technology in retail stores to manage inventory and products. As a result, integrating this system into existing setups is seamlessly possible.

    RFID wall showing video content QR code scanned after shoe is removed
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