• A 12×6m Digital Floor Experience

    → Role: Concept, User Interface Design & Installation on site

    → Company: Nerdindustries

    → Take a look: XING SUNDAEtalk

    Within only ten weeks, we developed two interactive experiences for London's world's most digital Adidas flagship store. The visualization of all installations took place on a 12×6 meters digital floor combined with a screen installed in front of it. The entire area also became interactive, thanks to camera tracking.

    During the play of the LDN Challenge, you can choose between a Football, Basketball, or Tennis training session directly on the digital floor. Randomly placed points appear on the surface and must be reached as quickly as possible. There is not much time left! The movement sequences are reminiscent of the corresponding sport you have previously selected. My main work has focused on the development of the in-game flows and the visual appearance of the experience. If you want to know more about this project, I recommend you to take a look at the XING SUNDAEtalk. It's linked below.

    Adidas final court design Adidas final court design with screen UI Adidas start game UI Adidas end game UI Adidas installation on site Adidas installation on site
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