• Community League Experience

    → Role: Concept, User Journey & User Interface

    → Company: Nerdindustries

    → Video credits: Liganova

    The Community League Experience invites you to join the world's largest football community on earth. As soon as you have entered the experience you have to prove your skills on the planet. During gameplay, you can kick a digital ball until you have been granted access to the planet and the league. Afterward, you can fully customize your avatar on the planet. In the end, you have ten seconds to record your custom fan cheer with your created avatar. To generate hype, the video can be shared on social media by the customer.

    During this project, I focused my work on the User Interface and the Landingpage of the experience. This design work is different because you use different design principles to reach your goal. Unlike a website, where we often proceed according to familiar patterns. To ensure the design still works, we started testing early in the process and kept iterating on the design and the overall functionality. After many design-, testing- and feedback loops, we installed this installation twice in London, once in Barcelona, ​​France, Milan, and Berlin.

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